1,300 Days Retention – What Was Happening In August 2008

Several of the providers we feature here on Usenetreviews have made announcements in the last several weeks that they had surpassed the 1,300 day mark on their retention levels. Joining the elite ranks in the last few weeks were NewsDemon, Newshosting, UseNetServer, and Astraweb. We believe that the innovation, and growth that has been displayed by these, and other, providers since August of 2008 has been better than outstanding.

Why August 2008 For A Date

1,300 days of retention equals out to roughly 3 years and 7 months, or so…so following this logic, we calculated that back then, the average price of unlimited Usenet access was about $10 – $20. Now the average price of service is about $10 – $20… and binary retention, it averaged around 230 days for the better services. Many other improvements have been made besides retention and prices.

Other Community Wide Improvements

Back then, the service and support was fairly simple, and there have been a lot of improvements there, along with many others. Vpn services were added to insure privacy, and those that already existed have been upgraded, and with many providers are offered for free. Some providers have excellent newsreaders, and improved on the old ones. Online storage services have been added with many providers, and Easynews even offers a web interface, to make things even easier for the beginner Usenet user.

All The Improvements, Cost Reductions

The bigger the Usenet community, (and it’s hug now,) becomes, the better the service, support, and features will become. Looking back to what was happening 3 years and 7 months ago helps to remind us how far the Usenet community has become. Check out our site, Usenetreviews, to learn more about the benefits of browsing through the newsgroups. Like Facebook, or any other social community, it’s easy to become addicted.

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