2012 Back to The Basics Award: Supernews

In this category we rate the provider based on just the basics. No newsreaders, VPN’s, or storage accesses to interfere with our consideration of the given providers. And this year, Supernews wins it – hands down. Their attention to the little details has earned them a lot of respect in the Usenet communities…and among the other providers. In this category we examine their uptime, server farms, speeds, completion, retention rates, dependability, and support. Over the last 12 months, Supernews has excelled in all of these areas.

Supernews Over The Last 12 Months

Over the last year the Supernews development crew has enjoyed a fairly quiet period. They did add in some retention, going all the way up to a total of 1,257 days for binaries, and more than 3,100 days on the text side. That addition brings them to having one of the highest retention rates available from any Usenet provider. They have servers in the U.S. that provide the entire North American continent excellent speeds, and their servers in Europe are just as fast. With Supernews the only speed limits or issues we have ever encountered was from our own ISP…and latency.

The Important Details On Supernews

With this category being Back to the Basics, we kept it simple in our analysis. But here are a few of the important highlights of service from Supernews:

  • One simple plan, but monthly and yearly subscriptions are available. All their plans are unlimited access.
  • No limits on the speed…excepting your ISP, and proximity.
  • 1,257 days of retention for binaries and 3,139.
  • 100,000+ newsgroups and millions of posts.
  • Up to 30 simultaneous connections, optimization is easy.
  • Year round 24/7 support

Supernews In Our News This Year

With the last year being so quiet for the folks over at Supernews, it only naturally follows that they didn’t make it into the blogging eye very often…in fact, they only had a single mention on our blogs when they upped their retention rate, and said that their retention would be updated on a daily basis. Even with the year being so quiet for the Supernews crew, they kept busy with maintenance, and support tickets. (If there were any.) That means support was extremely fast and attentive, which also a big plus in this category.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with our awarding Supernews this award. You can send us a Tweet to @usenetreviewz.