2012 Best Bang For The Buck Award: UsenetServer

UsenetServer wins our Best Bang For The Buck award for their quality service offered at the most reasonable prices. And, if you consider all the factors, their quality, features, and price tiers, you would have to agree. Every one of their accounts, (except the 3 day accounts and the 14 day free trial,) have unlimited downloading available to them, the main difference in the accounts being the number of concurrent connections…but more on that later.

UNS Last 12 Months In Review

Not a lot has happened of note over the last 12 months at UNS except retention increases, but that is good news…at least there weren’t any bad news events. During times like these the developers are busily updating, spooling, and answering the questions of their members…rather mundane work, but necessary none-the-less. Their retention increases brought their retention rates up significantly, and as always they maintain a 99%+ completion rate.

More Details On UNS

We have an outline of their pricing plans here, they did make the cut as the best deal. But there are other things that go along with this distinction, here are a few of the pertinent statistics that we look at in this category, and the UNS offerings:

  • High-Speed Plus Plan – $15.98 gets unlimited access, no throttling, and as many as 20 simultaneous connections.
  • High-Speed Plan – $13.32 p/mo will get the same as the Plus plan, but you will only have access to 10 concurrent connections.
  • 3 Day Plan – Only $3 for 10 concurrent connections, but if you have a need for more speed, you can pay an extra $2 and get another 10 connections.
  • 1,249 days of binary retention, and years, (literally,) of text retention.
  • Server farms on multiple continents placed on top tier backbones insure only the fastest downloading speeds.
  • Free 14 day trial, and a referral program.

Referral Program And Free Trial

Their referral program is something that most Usenet providers don’t have. They will credit your account with $10 if a friend signs up and stays with them for an uninterrupted period of 90 days…nice, huh? And any member can benefit from this, not just specific members or account types. Their 14 day free trial has a 10 GB downloading limit, (doesn’t seem like very much,) but this is a sufficient amount to convince you of their value.

UNS In Our News

Since things have been uneventful for the guys, (and gals,) on their teams of support, and development pros. But at times, no news is good news, and in this case it meant that there wasn’t any time that they couldn’t fully concentrate on their members needs. They did increase retention rates twice in the year, bringing the binary retention to a level that raised the eyebrows of their nearest competitors. Out of sight may mean out of mind for many folks, but for us here at UsenetReviews, it means that there must have been a 100% up-time, and no catastrophic issues that inconvenience their members. And, that is one of the biggest values. To let us know about your thoughts on our award selections, you can Tweet us at @usenetreviewz.