2012 Best Small Usenet Newsreader: Binreader

This category is reserved for not only the smallest, but the one that uses the least resources like the memory and processor time. But, size isn’t all that counts…the newsreader has to work excellently, and have no issues. And for the last year, Binreader has been one of the favorites with us. This may be due in part to the portable version that everyone keeps on their portable drives,, and may be partly because of the simplicity of the newsreader makes it quite easy to use.

Binreader Over The Last 12 Months

Binreader has had an uneventful year…but during these lulls in hyper-activity, maintenance, updates, and upgrades can be taken care of. Improvements in existing versions have happened, and bugs get fixed. This last few months they have added in support for Linux distros for streaming video previews. You may not be able to do much news reading with this newsreader, but downloading, unzipping, and processing NZB’s couldn’t possibly be any easier.

The Best Features Of Binreader

  • Works on all popular OSes, and there is an Android version that is being developed.
  • Easily configured for every provider today.
  • Download previewing is fully supported, Mac users will have to have the popular mPlayer to preview though.
  • Unpacking and repairing is automatic if you want it to be.
  • PAR2 files can be ignored unless they are necessary.
  • Location of download and extraction configurable.
  • All OSes can pick the media player they prefer except for the Mac users.

Newsreading – Not Much

But the streaming feature of this newsreader makes it well worth the cost…nothing. The latest version, 1.0 beta 3 added in the function for Linux users to be able to stream the video to HDMI and allows more audio support. Add in the portability of the small stand alone version and you have a winner in this category.

Good Work Guys

And all you gals that work with the Binreader developer, sales staff, and support teams. I know we said sales staff, and the client is free, we really owe those folks a hearty Thank You for just keeping the newsreader free. This wasn’t a huge factor in our decision, but sure didn’t hurt anything either. Tell us how you would have played our awards this year, send us a Tweet to @usenetreviewz.