2012 Easiest To Use Usenet Provider – Easynews

This award is for the provider that creates software and environments that even the most basic Usenet user finds easy to use and understand. This year we are giving this award to Easynews. Just as the name implies, they are quite simply the easiest to use Usenet service. The Easynews web interface is a first in the industry, though you can still get NNTP access too. Their web based interface hs managed to bring Usenet access to an entirely new level of simplicity.

Easynews Membership Bennies

The web based access isn’t all of the major benefits of this seasoned provider. They maintain competitive retention levels, the speeds are excellent, anonymity, and security. Here are a few of the other important details on Easynews:

  • NNTP and HTTP access. Presently they are the only Usenet provider with this feature.
  • Retention. 200 days of searchable retention for HTTP access, and 1,200+ days to search using NNTP.
  • GB’s roll over, and headers don’t count against your account.
  • Security for both web access and NNTP using 256 bit SSL.
  • !00.000+ Newsgroups and adding more all the time. This means that there are literally millions of files and posts for your browsing pleasure. This also means that there is no shortage of topics to discuss…
  • World class service. 24/7/365 you can always get an answer to your question, or a solution to your problem. Support is via forums, email, and service tickets.

Congratulations Guys

On the surface things really look good, but once you dig a little deeper it becomes very apparent why Easynews is one of the easiest and most popular Usenet providers we discuss here on UsenetReviews. Their efforts at making Usenet as easy as possible for those new to Usenet and newsgroups are not wasted. Then once the beginners are more acquainted with the rules, operation, and customs of Usenet newsgroups they can move to more advanced operations. We have to also thank them for their contribution to getting the word out about Usenet.

If you are thinking about a Usenet access account through Easynews, but aren’t completely convinced yet, then learn more about them in our Easynews Review.

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