2012 Most Improvement For A Usenet Provider: Newshosting

Newshosting has been in business for more than 10 years and for every one of them they have dedicated themselves to the reliability of their network and the needs of their customers. We took a close look at the last 12 months and found that their hard work has been above and beyond the ordinary. They started the year with an extension on their binary retention rates, then in October they announced the beta version of their new newsreader.

All The While

And while they were doing this, they took care of all of the routine maintenance duties, like updates, improving existing features, and taking care of the support issues and tickets. During the beta period of the client, they took suggestions and comments from the fans, and looked into bug reports…trying to keep their customer happy, and they used the customers suggestions to decide on the features they would add, and what their users liked and wanted the most.

More About Newshosting

At the end of the year, they released the Newshosting Newsreader from bet, and gave the client to their members for free…sort of a Christmeas present. That’s a simplistic run down of the Newshosting 2011 year. Here’s a few of the highlights of their service:

  • Their binary retention is at 1,247 days presently.
  • Security is insured using industry standard SSL.
  • Servers in both U.S. and Europe, guaranteeing fast connections from either continent.
  • 100,000+ newsgroups to browse…and adding all the time.
  • The free Newshosting Newsreader.
  • Prices ranging between $10 p/mo for metered access, up to $15.83 for unlimited access.
  • 24/7/365 support.

More On The Newshosting Newsreader

Their partnership with Easynews probably influenced their newsreader in a lot of different ways, as there are many similarities. Many of the same features are there, but the feel of the browser is a little different. Here are a few of the highlights of this Newshosting Newsreader:

  • Previewing of your downloads is possible using VLC Player. (Included in the installation.)
  • A fully integrated search in the browser, that has a fully featured set of filters.
  • Unpacking and repairing of your downloads is automatic. Unpacking to specific locations is also supported.
  • Totally free, and very easy to install and configure.

Newshosting In Our News

If you are interested in getting a few more details on the year that Newshosting has had, you can check out a few of the articles and announcements from our pages, and our sister sites, UsenetReviewz.com, pages. Here are a few of them:

Congratulations Newshosting…you guys, (and gals,) have really worked hard to get this award, and we the customers, have really reaped the benefits of your efforts. Thanks!