2012 Stealth And Anonymity Provider Award: Astraweb

In this category, Astraweb distinguished themselves outstandingly. And rightly so. Many Usenet users are concerned about their security and privacy, and in this area Astraweb has provided service above and beyond the call of duty. One of the major points of using Astraweb is that they have servers both in the U.S. and Europe, but they aren’t constrained by either legal system, so it seems…an even bigger plus for many of their members that carry more concern for their anonymity.

How Privacy And Anonymity Are Maintained

Astraweb maintains absolutely no records on the servers as to who did what or when, except in the cases where a member starts a new newsgroup. Then the records are only kept for a period of 48 hours, to provide an accommodate for possible abuses. They will not tolerate any funny business, but the records are destroyed as soon as the 48 hour period is ended. They provide SSL for all their members, and remember that U.S./European jurisdiction thing? This brings a lot of respect from many of their longer termed members.

More On Astraweb

One of our most highly respected and trusted Usenet providers here at UsenetReviews. This could account for their popularity with the more paranoid among users. Here are a few more of the more important statistics:

  • Servers in both the U.S. and Europe.
  • All of their packages include SSL free.\Binary retention is up to 1,248 days.
  • Block accounts, and unlimited access accounts are available.
  • Savvis and Limelight networks allow for some of the fastest downloading speeds available with any Usenet provider.
  • Support is 24/7/365, and they have tutorials, troubleshooters, and if that doesn’t fix you issues, email.

Astraweb In Our News

We have discussed this at length, and the general consensus here at UsenetReviews is that due to their anonymity, and privacy concerns, Astraweb makes an attempt to keep themselves out of the limelight…sorry about this guys. But we are sure that they will understand, this is an award after all. And, we can understand their concern…just look at earlier this summer when the British courts turned their heads in the direction of certain index providers. We are sure that they don’t want that kind of attention.

A Hearty Congratulqations

To all the guys, (and gals,) over there working their hidden little backsides off. You have done an excellent job over the last 12 months keeping everyone connected, downloading, hidden, and private. Not many providers can guarantee the kind of insurances that Astraweb gives. Give us a Tweet if you agree with us or not, and tell us why to @usenetreviewz.