2012 Top Full Featured Newsreader: Newsbin

The discussion of this category almost caused a rupture in a few friendships among our office staff…and what we finally agreed on is that: Newsreader preferences are subjective. It seems that different people like different things, so we had to do our level headed best to avoid personal biases…not an easy task. But,concentrating on the technical, and support ends helped us keep the playing field level for all the providers, and this year Newsbin walked away with this award.

2011 For Newsbin

The last 12 months for Newsbin has consisted of several updates, several new versions, and even a few extra little features and filters for the search that is integrated into the client. They also managed to get in a few warnings of some security issues, and the solutions that were appropriate to take. They issued security alerts, and gave plenty of links and repair suggestions to their members.

More About The Newsbin Newsreader

All throughout the year the developers at Newsbin are working hard to keep their newsreader running smoothly for their members. Here’s a little more about their newsreader:

  • Beginners and veterans find this newsreader easy to use and full featured.
  • Client has a built in search engine, with a full set of filters.
  • Security via SSL
  • Client has a speed limiter, for the times that you don’t want downloads interfering with other activities.
  • Newsbin is constantly upgrading, and updating their client.

Newsbin In Our News

Newsbin has released several updates and made releases for several different mobile devices, and have enjoyed their name in our headlines a couple of times. Here are a few highlights:


You have certainly earned it over the last 12 months. Due diligence has provided members with a couple of the most secure, reliable, and user friendly newsreader this year. We know you guys, (and girls,) worked hard and long hours trying to get the things to us that we needed the most. Thanks guys.

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