2012 Top NZB Search Index Site: NZBMatrix

There was a lot of contention when we discussed this category. Mainly because the main deciding points for this category are subjective, and everyone likes things a little different from what the other guy likes. But that’s okay, here at UsenetReviews we are all about the “To each his own” thing. But, in this category we selected NZBMatriz as the best because of the nice clean interface, the availability of search filters, and the depth of retention that the engine will search.

The Last Year For NZBMatrix

There wasn’t a whole lot that happened in the last year, but they did have a few occurrences of note. They got an upgrade…but this only came after they realized a few hardware issues that they had been having. They also added in an application for Android that everyone seems to love. And although the hardware issues did cause a few problems for them and take them down, the technicians were quick about things and had the index back up-n-running in no time.

A Subjective Category

We heard that…all of you out there that hollered “Why not Newsbin2?” or even “Merlins Portal is better!” And we have to concede that both of these are excellent search indexes in their own right, but the editor agreed to an honorable mention on this award, and we will give you a comparison chart with all three…not to convince you to change your mind though. The chart is to give you an idea as to why we selected NZBMatrix as our choice.
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Provider/StatsNZBMatrixNewzbin2Merlins Portal
Retention Search1,200 days720 days750 days
PriceFree/$10 VIP MembershipFree/ $20 MembershipFree/Donations Accepted
FilteringLots of filters, including adultLots of filters too, also allows adult filteringMany filters, including adult filters
RSS/IRCRSS, still experimentalRSS & IRCNeither
Uptime3 days in 12 monthsVery little down timeAlmost no down time
SupportForums, email, FAQForum, email FAQemail, FAQ
Newsgroups More than 3,0001,500+ and growingThousands and growing