2012 Top Quality Webbased NZB Downloader: SABNzbd

There are only a few clients that are totally dedicated to downloading of NZB files, and of these few, SABNzbd really takes the field by storm. If you have used it before, you already know, if not…this downloader offers a lot of power and is highly flexible. Completely open sourced, so it is free, but that also means that you can get answers and support almost instantly. The web interface works extremely well with Firefox and Google Chrome, but sadly, there isn’t a search built in.

SABNzbd Over The Last Year

SABNzbd is a relatively new downloader on the scene, but they came out with a huge splash. And over the course of the last year, they have impressed a lot of the veteran Usenet pros and has become very popular all across the Usenet community. The client is completely configurable, everything from download speeds to SSL. And speaking of security, Ipv6 is also supported. Here are a few more of the more pertinent details on this outstanding downloader:

  • Open sourced…free, and supported by a huge community of users.
  • Every OS and many mobile devices support it.
  • Installer comes in 6 languages.
  • Web based…works anywhere or on anything that can operate Chrome or Firefox.
  • Unpacking and repairing is automatic, and can be configured.
  • Security from SSL and the client supports Ipv6.
  • Support for Binsearch, Newzbin, NZBMatrix, and a lot of other indexes.
  • Remote controllers available.

SABNzbd In Our News

SABNzbd has managed to catch our eye several times this year. Along with their newness comes an inherent curiosity…at least with us this is the case. If you would like to get a few more of the details on their last year in the news, here are a few links to the blogs:

Congratulations SABNzbd

With this downloader being Open Source it only stands to reason that there are a lot of third party add-ons, and the support coming from their forums and tutorials is top caliber, we want to congratulate the entire contributing community, thanks folks for your tireless efforts. We understand it is voluntary, but the things you are providing for free rivals premium paid services, keep it up and this will continue to win awards far into the future. Tell us your thoughts on our awards with a Tweet to @usenetreviewz.