2013 Award For Best Newsreader: Newsbin Newsreader

2013-Award-For-Best-Newsreader-Newsbin-NewsreaderWe’re starting off this years Awards with one of the most difficult to judge categories, Best Newsreader. This particular category is difficult due to the fact that every person likes something different. So here we judged according to the number and quality of updates, OSes it will work on, quality and number of features the reader has, reliability, speed, support, cost, and ease of use. And in all these areas, the Newsbin Newsreader stood head and shoulders above the rest.

2012 For The Newsbin Newsreader Developers

The Developers have been busy rolling out updates all year long this last year. Add to that the iOs version (a remote control program,) and an Android version in the works, and it’s easy to see that the developers have been quite busy in the last 12 months. And in spite of the updating and improvements taking place around them, the support staff hasn’t failed a member yet…at least to our knowledge.

The Newsbin Newsreader At A Glance

The Newsbin Newsreader has been evolving nicely this last year, and a few updates have been issued to keep the newsreader secure and smooth running. The current version is 6.42, here are a few of the highlight points of the Newsbin Newsreader:

  • SSL fully supported.
  • Beginners and experts will find the newsreader easy to navigate and use.
  • Integrated search with complete set of filters.
  • Search up to 1,600 days of retention.
  • Scheduler and speed controls to keep the client from interfering with other activities.
  • Development team is constantly upgrading and improving the client.
  • 10 day free trial, and one time lifetime activation code. Standard search feature costs a little more.

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Newsbin In The News

In the last year the few times that Newsbin has attracted any attention was for their major updates and upgrades. They have announced development plans for an Android version of the client, and are workinig on more system optimizations, like an SSD optimization promised to be coming in version 6.5.

The Competition Was Tough, But…

Throughout the last year the Newsbin team has consistently shown faster and better support responses, reliability, (especially where 100Mbps+ bandwidth speeds are available,) and ease of use. The Newsbin Newsreader is easier to configure than some of the web based newsreaders, and reviewing thumbnails is much easier.

Congratulations Are In Order

Great job guys, keep up the great work. The amount of effort you have put out in the last 12 months has paid off with the Newsbin Newsreader coming out on top of the rest in the Best Newsreader Category.