2013 Back To The Basics Award: Supernews

2013-Back-To-The-Basics-Award-SupernewsThe providers that are considered for this category offer subscriptions for just the minimum Usenet service. Only the necessities will be offered to allow the member to post, browse and download from their Usenet servers. The number of Newsgroups, down-times, features, (there must only be a minimum,) quality of service and support, and speeds weigh in along with a few other considerations. And again this year, Supernews wins this award, hands down.

The Last 12 Months For Supernews

Since with Supernews there aren’t any frills, such as newsreaders, search indexes, and the like to maintain, support staff and developers can focus on the basic Usenet services. Things like retention, reliability, and completion, benefit greatly from this…and it shone when they passed 4 years of retention. Here are some of the closer details about Supernews:

  • They only have one level of access, Unlimited GBs and speed. You can purchase the account on a monthly basis, but an annual subscription will save you $$.
  • No throttling, even during peak times. Speed tests have shown very good up and download speeds.
  • Their Retention rate stands at: 1,639 days binary and 3518 text.
  • 100,000+ newsgroups, (and always looking to add more,) with servers in Europe and N. America.
  • They accept Paypal, iDeal, and most CCs.
  • Round the clock support 365 days per year.

Supernews $9.99 Special Price

Supernews In The Limelight

With a basic service it is easy to avoid the limelight of publicity. For some, this is highly desirable…a low-key, no frills service. So Supernews wasn’t in the news much this last 12 months, though they did surpass the 4 year retention mark. In all total they increased their retention by387 days of binary and 379 days of text in the last year.

Congratulations To The Supernews Crew

As we mentioned before, some folks don’t desire a lot of attention, but you have earned this Back To The Basics Award guys, (and gals.) You’ve managed to keep a great system running as smooth as a clock.

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