2013 Best In-Client Usenet Search Award

2013-Best-In-Client-Usenet-Search-AwardThis category requires that the Newsreaders’ search engine be fast, efficient, have plenty of filters, and search as far back as Usenet providers will allow. And in this category, there was a toss-up between the Newsbin Newsreader and the Newshosting newsreader ran neck-in neck. Both of these high quality newsreaders are well liked with the UsenetReviewz Editors. And, many of the highlights pointed out were subjective, but they were valid…and counted a little more. Here are a few of the reasons that were given most often.

Newsbin Newsreader:

It’s one of the easiest newsreaders to use for beginners and experts both. It fully supports SSL, (IPv6 also,) multiple Usenet providers, and of course has the integrated search. It is one of the fastest integrated search engines, and has a lot of features and filters, a speed limiter, 1,600+ days of retention, and preview is supported. As of now there are only Windows versions, but you can get these in either a 32 or 64 bit version. Large improvements have also been made in the way headers are handled by the client that reduces the RAM usage massively, and optimizations for multi-processor systems in the way of Hyper-threading.

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2013-Best-In-Client-Usenet-Search-Award1Newshosting Newsreader

Not just the fastest in-client search available, but one of the most powerful. Lots of filters, and two engines to choose from. Previews are available in the newsreader, and making and importing NZBs is easy and straight-forward. The Newsreader comes free with a Newshosting account, but you can configure the client to work for any Usenet provider. SSL security is fully integrated and easy to use and configure, and scheduling is available. Automatic features include unpacking and repairing broken downloads, and shutting down the computer when downloads are completed. This one works on all systems, Windows, Linux distros, and Macs, but can only be had through purchasing a Newshosting subscription.

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Subjective Factors

At UsenetReviewz we try not to allow the subjective factors, like the appearance, colors, skins, etc., weigh in too heavily in our vote-casting. But sometimes these factors have to weigh in a little more than usual, like when curb-appeal counts. In this category it matters a little more than usual, with ease of reading and understanding of the returned results, and the like, being about equal between the two clients. As for functions, both clients have similar functions integrated.

Congratulations to both of the development crews, and thanks a lot for some really great software.

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