2013 Best Small Usenet Newsreader: Binreader

Binreader-2013-Best-Small-Usenet-NewsreaderIn this category, all the Newsreaders qualify…but not all Newsreaders have what it takes to win in this category. To make it in this category a Newsreader must be small on the disk, as well as in the download…and the stress the Newsreader places resources, well, that’s one of the most important qualities we take into consideration. We also consider the reliability, number and quality of features, ease of use, and support. And in this category, Binreader satisfied all the criteria, especially when the Voting Staff was told to take portability into account. Simple to use, and so small as to be able to be run from a USB device, or any other portable storage device you may want to use.

The Last Year For Binreader

There hasn’t been a lot of happenings in the Binreader camp, the present version of 1.0 beta 3 hasn’t changed much, (if any at all,) in the last 12 months. But that gives the developers and support staff the time to devote to customers. A new Synology NAS version has been added to allow for the use of network storage within the client. Here are the features you can expect from the Worlds’ smallest Newsreader:

  • Security – SSL and iPv6 are both fully supported.
  • Previewing – No more downloading a bunch of stuff you didn’t want. Previewing available after a few packets have been downloaded allowing you to decide whether or not to continue the download.
  • Simplicity – No confusing set-up, or configuration. All the necessary functions are present and self explanatory, none of the bulky specialized functions you never use.
  • Automatic Functions – Automatically unpacks and repairs downloads when they are done. There’s also an option to ignore PAR2 files if they aren’t necessary.
  • Portable – There’s a Windows portable version that can be run from any removable storage device. (This version won Binreader this award.)
  • OSes – There’s a version for virtually Operating System and even mobile devices are covered.

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If You’re Short On Space – Binreader

In today’s world, small, light, and portable are tantamount to success. And in these three areas, Binreader has kept their Newsreader at the top of the list of the smallest, lightest, and most portable. Congratulations to all the Binreader developers, support staff, and admin, for winning this award again.

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