2013 Easiest To Use Usenet Provider Award: Easynews

2013-Easiest-To-Use-Usenet-Provider-Award-EasynewsThe provider that creates an environment that is very user-friendly, to even the uninitiated, wins this category. And once again this year, Easynews wins…. The competition in this category has increased dramatically of late, due to the requests of new subscribers. A lot more tutorials, videos instructions, and support pros are now available from a huge number of sources. But, one of the largest influencing factors here was the web based access, which is a rarity among the providers. In fact, in this category Easynews excels.

The Last 12 Months For Easynews

There has been a few updates in the last year, and retention upgrades. The developers have added more than 400 more days to their retention, bringing their retention at the end of the year to 1,610 days for binaries. Their new NNTP only account was announced in January 2013, but the really big news was their Trial update. They opened their 14 day free trial to allow up to 100 GB of downloads. They also added a 14 day/10GB trial of web access to the NNTP only accounts. Here’s a little more about Easynews:

  • Roll-over GBs allowed, and 256 bit SSL available.
  • Both NNTP and Web based access.
  • Thumbnail and video previews.
  • 100,000+ newsgroups with a 99% completion rate.
  • Retention of 1,610 days binary for NNTP and 200+ days binary for web access.
  • Videos and tutorials for newsreader, customs, and almost any other thing a beginner, (pros can benefit from these, too,) could need.
  • Live support 24/7 year round.

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Easynews In The Limelight

The old adage is true here, “No news is good news.” But there was occasion for good news in the last year. The Trial account boost was big news, and the roll-out of the NNTP only account was likewise, a huge event. They are constantly striving to increase the retention on the web access, but are waiting on a significant boost there to make a formal announcement.

Take A Bow Folks,

You all have worked super hard to make Easynews the easiest and most popular web based Usenet provider possible, and have succeeded. Keep on plugging on, your subscribers have never been happier!

Let us know if you agree or disagree with us about the Easiest To Use Usenet Provider Award, or anything else Usenet related you would like to announce or discuss, send a tweet to us at: @usenetreviewz.

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