2013 Most Improved Newsreader Award: Newshosting

Newshosting-2013-Most-Improved-Newsreader-AwardUpgrades, updates, improvements, and bug fixes are what we look at here. And not just the number of them, but the quality of each update, and the relative value of the update/upgrade to the subscriber. Improvements to the surrounding services do count in this category, but not as heavily. The solid numbers are what we are looking at, and again this year, the Newshosting Newsreader developers and staff have taken this award, hands down. Their developers have been working almost around the clock for the last year, improving, fixing bugs, and developing new functionality for the newsreader.

2012 For Newshosting Newsreader Staff

With this being the first full year out of beta, we had a chance to look at their entire year, and going backwards from January 2013, they have: improved header retention, fixed a network speed issue in October, announced 4 years of retention in August, and in July there was a hotmail/Live.com problem they fixed, a new version, (v 1.3.2,) was released, they started a social networking campaign, (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even YouTube,) and even managed to open a blog. July was a very busy month for them, and counted a lot toward their winning of this award. The first half of the year was quiet in comparison, kind of “the calm before the storm.”

The Newshosting Newsreader At A Glance

Begiiners find this one of the easiest newsreaders available to learn about Usenet, and experts love the automation and other more advanced features. Here’s a little about the Newshosting Newsreader:

  • Free with any Newshosting Usenet account.
  • Built in search, that also includes the Binsearch search engine.
  • Plenty of filters for searching, and there’s a Safe Search feature that takes out the pornography.
  • Automatically unpacks and repairs downloads. Will also auto shut down, and auto-updates.
  • Previewing, NZB creation, SSL, and scheduling supported.
  • Easy to use, and easier to set up.
  • Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux

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Stand Up And Take A Bow

At Usenetreviewz we know what it takes to keep a constantly evolving piece of software running well. And to do that while spooling extra retention, setting up a blog and social media, and fixing bugs, is quite a feat. And the Developers, Support Staff, and Administration made it look so easy. Congratulations!

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