2013 Most Improvement For A Usenet Provider Award

2013-Most-Improvement-For-A-Usenet-Provider-AwardThis category takes a look at upgrades, updates and improvements, in the Providers’ entire offerings, satellite services, etc. And while the number of these improvements is important, the quality, add-ons, and value to the user is also highly regarded. And, this year was a tie between Newshosting, and Giganews in this category. While there were differences in the numbers, in the end both Providers came out the same…excellent. Giganews has been steadily making improvements on their satellite services, VyprVPN and Dump Truck Online Storage, and the Newshosting developers used the lull in the first of the year to rest for the upcoming storm.

Giganews In 2012

Control panel upgrades and showcasing the new massive 500 TB Dump Truck servers started the year out for Giganews. Then there was a Mimo browser update in Feb. followed by opening VyprVPN to all their members. In March they achieved 1,000 days of retention, so started their “1,000 Days Prize Giveaway.” The summer brought several VyprVPN version releases, and control panel and Dump Truck app improvements. Fall brought a new VyprVPN server online in Texas, and Dump Truck public sharing was announced. The year rounded off with a new retention rate, 1,500 days, and a Windows 8 version for VyprVPN. And in keeping up the momentum, they have stared the new year with more improvements in VyprVPN and Dump Truck.

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Newshosting In 2012

The first half of the year at Newshosting was rather quiet. But starting with an explosion of activity in July, the year got busy for Newshosting developers fast. July saw the opening of their social accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, along with a new blog on their website. Then an issue with Hotmail and Live.com got the support staff hustling during the release of v1.3.2, but the issues were resolved quickly. They reached the 4 year retention benchmark in August, then had a few small speed issues in October, which were resolved quickly, too. They then began this year with a couple of cool announcements, they have now reached 1,620 days of retention, and the Newshosting Newsreaders’ search engine will get an upgrade.

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The Busiest Developers In The Usenet Community

The conclusion is that these guys, (and gals,) have worked harder improving, solving, and adding value to, their services than anybody else. And it shows. Put yourselves on the back, and take a bow, both teams have certainly earned this award.

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