2013 Most Progressive Usenet Provider Award: Giganews

Giganews-2013-Most-Progressive-Usenet-Provider-AwardThis is the first year that we have presented this award, and we are still developing the exact criteria, but the Provider who is most forward thinking and innovative in their offerings, services, and satellite services, will win this award. The provider must integrate the most relevant satellite services, use new technologies in improving the subscribers’ experience, and go a little farther to insure that the member has every tool that could possibly be needed. And, Giganews filled the bill in every direction, and sets the bar pretty high for future contenders. Here’s what we consider progressive thinking and innovation to benefit the member…

Their Members Need A Newsreader

And Giganews Diamond members get Golden Frogs’ Mimo Newsreader. This is one of the most versatile and powerful newsreaders available today. There’s an integrated search that has a lot of filters and is very fast, thumbnail previews is supported, and it is specially optimized for the full 1,600+ days of retention Giganews maintains. Giganews knows how serious their Diamond members are, so they equipped the browser with auto-unpacking and repairing, the ability to queue and schedule your downloads, and several other advanced features.

VyprVPN For Privacy, Security, And Speed

The staff at Giganews know that members would not only appreciate the security and anonymity that a VPN would provide, but the speeds that it could afford those subject to throttling by their ISP, and the ability to circumvent highly restrictive filtering and censoring techniques used in some regions by dictatorial regimes. So they again partnered with the Golden Frog developers to give their Diamond members access to the VyprVPN service. But soon thereafter, the popularity of the service among their subscribers finally convinced the Giganews administration that the VyprVPN service should be made available to all Giganews accounts so all their members could enjoy the same safe, secure, anonymous Usenet access. There are installers for every Operating System, and all the most popular mobile platforms.

Your Files Anywhere – Dump Truck Online Storage

Accessing files from anywhere, and limited storage space were the main motivators when Giganews decided to start offering Golden Frogs’ Dump Truck Online Storage. Diamond account holders get up to 30 GBs of storage, while everyone else gets just 5 GBs. Files are stored encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption, you can share files publicly, and syncing between devices and computers is supported. Web based access is available through their WebDAV so you can get to your files from any internet connection. The client will run on any Operating System, and virtually every mobile device manufactured today.

Great Job – Keep Up The Good Work

As the first winner of the Most Progressive Usenet Provider Award you have the distinction of setting the standard. A standard that the competition will find difficult to live up to. Take a bow, pat each other on the back, and know that your hard work and effort haven’t gone unnoticed.

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