2013 Simple Usenet Provider Improvement Award: Usenet.net

Usenet.net-2013-Simple-Usenet-Provider-Improvement-AwardThis category draws from the field of competitors for the “Back to the Basics” award. Here, the number and quality of updates/upgrades that are made, new features or services that may have been added, and any kind of improvement to their services or system. And for the last year, Usenet.net has distinguished themselves as a crew of developers and service staff that have been very busy indeed.

The Last 12 Months For Usenet.net

The standard fare of service tickets, updating, and bug fixes has made it through the developers and service crews. Nothing in terms of bad occurrences, but there has been some spooling happening in the background, and the developers have managed to get their retention to 1,642 days of binary retention and 3,522 days of text retention. Here’s a little more about what Usenet.net offers their subscribers:

  • Industry leading retention and completion rates. 1,642 days binary and 3,522 days text retention.
  • 99%+ Completion rate.
  • 2 Types Of Account: either 15 concurrent connections, or 30 concurrent connections and 256 bit SSL.
  • Also has NNTP only access on ports 23 and 80, SSL ports are 443 and 563.
  • Free 5 day 10GB Trial, ald=so 50% discount for new subscriptions.
  • Year round, round the clock support.

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Usenet.net In The News

No news means no bad news…and that has been the last year for the crews at Usenet.net. There have been the normal updates, and a few bug fixes. But, not the general type that we consider important. There were updates to the retention spooling though, and an industry leading retention is now being maintained.

Usenet.net Support Crew And Developers: Take A Bow

It takes a lot of effort to maintain a system that keeps so much retention, and you guys sure put it out. Congratulations!

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