2013 Stealth And Anonymity Provider Award: Astraweb

Astraweb-2013-Stealth-And-Anonymity-Provider-AwardWe only list the best Usenet Providers here on UsenetReviewz, so believe that every provider we tell you about would never give up any information on you to a third party…unless compelled by a court order. But this award goes to the Usenet Provider that takes the extra steps to insure that their subscribers, members, and customers’ identities and histories are never revealed…to anyone, and some do go to extra lengths. Server logs, connection logs, purging frequency, and jurisdiction are in the spotlight in this category. Once again, Astraweb scored highest in all areas across the board.

The Last Year For Astraweb

A fresh server upgrade to the server farms in Europe started the year out for the staff at Astraweb, they also announced a few new account packages and deals early in the year. A big announcement was adding Paypal to the payment processors, but later in the year they lost the 2CheckOut payment gateway. Throughout the year there were a couple of issues surrounding the authentication server, but that was quickly solved. In December they sadly announced that 20% of header downloads would be charged against metered accounts. Apparently there were subscribers that figured out a way to abuse header downloading.

A Closer Look At Astraweb

Astraweb is one of the older Usenet Providers, and remains one of the most respected, also. The only logs that are kept are server maintenance logs, which contain no user identifiable data, and no connections logs are kept, but there is an encrypted tag placed on posts identifying the user. This is done to prevent abuse like child pornography, and copyrights abuses. Here’s a little more about Astraweb:

  • 1,663 days of retention and a 99% completion rate.
  • Complete headers across the entire span of their retention.
  • SSL encryption options are standard features of every account.
  • Up to 20 concurrent connections.
  • Servers in the US and Europe.
  • They own their own servers, company based in Singapore.
  • Paypal accepted now. This is a big plus considering the restrictions Paypal places on any Usenet Provider.

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Pat Yourselves On The Back Astraweb

You deserve it. The hours of dedication and service show through the satisfaction and faithfulness of your members. Congratulations guys, keeping up with the other guys isn’t easy. But the fact that you do it and maintain the highest degree possible of privacy and anonymity for the member says a lot.

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