2013 Top NZB Search Index Site

2013-Top-NZB-Search-Index-SiteWe knew that there are a lot of factors to consider when we started discussing this category…many of them being subject to the individuals’ preferences. But the Admin kindly reminded us not to let those factors weigh in too heavily, if at all. Non-subjective factors include: Speed of the search engine, how far back you can search, (retention,) filters and features, size of the library, ease of use, and a few other small statistics. But, even taking away the subjective factors, we still came up with three sites. So we will recognize all three by declaring a tie. Usenet-crawler.com, nzb.su, and nzbx.co have the distinction of sharing the 2013 Top NZB Search Index Site Award.

How A Tie Occurred

In the past year, there has been a few outstanding NZB search indexes fall for various reasons. But, we kept vigil for our readers, and when new NZB search indexes were announced, we notified them of the up-n-coming prospects. Here’s a few facts about the three winners, and why they shared this honor:

  • Nzbx.co – In only a few months these guys have managed to index millions of NZBs, and have gained more than 100,000 registered users. The site isn’t a Newsnab platform, and is free at the moment, though they do accept donations. The custom platform is nice and searches are returned very fast.
  • Usenet-Crawler.com – Using the Newsnab platform, this site has also gained a lot of momentum in a very short time. The library contains millions of NZBs, from thousands of groups. There are plenty of filters to narrow the search down, and, (best of all,) it’s free. You can gain BFF status by donating $10 or more which will get you integration with SABnzbd, forum access, and a couple other small items.
  • Nzb.su – Youcan search back 900 days through a pretty comprehensive library of NZBs. There is API integration with many Newsreaders, and automation apps, lots of filters to narrow your search, and even an SS. Here’s the kicker, Nzb.su is invitation only…but, if you can get the invite, it’s a super library.

Some Really Great Search Sites

There you have it…our dilemma. Two outstanding search sites, but they are both brand new. But excellent none the less. Nzb.su is also an outstanding index, but with it becoming invitation only, they stand to loose ground to the new services. Nzbx,co and usenet-crawler.com have come out of no-where with a bang. And, if they continue at the pace they are presently at, the other sites may get swallowed up.

Which one of these indexing sites do you like? Let us know, by sending a tweet to: @usenetreviewz.

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