2013 Top Quality Web Based Newsreader: SABnzbd

SABnzbd-2013-Top-Quality-Web-Based-NewsreaderIn the last few years there has been a noticeable increase in the number of web based clients, apps, and services in the Usenet community. And in the web based category, SABnzbd always came to the forefront of our Voting Staffers discussions. Being among the first clients offered in this web based trend, SABnzbd has continued to grow…at an alarming rate…for the competition. Good for the SABnzbd users, though. The SABnzbd community continues to add features, improve existing features, create mobile apps for virtually every platform, and help the uninitiated in learning how to use SABNzbd Newsreader.

SABnzbd In The Last Year

Patches and bug fixes were issued this last year, but the real news is the fast releases of several new versions. SAbnzbd v. 0.6.14 was released right after Christmas of 2011, following that, there has been a steady stream of version upgrades that has brought it to the present version at 0.7.11 Final. Some new third party apps have emerged, while other were improved or upgraded…all in all, it has been a busy year for the SABnzbd community. Here’s a bit more about the Newsreader:

    • Price – Since it is Open Source, it is completely free to use. It is also community, (user,) maintained and developed. This provides a feature rich application for the end user.
    • Support – There aren’t many other Open Source softwares that provide the extensive tutorials, walkthroughs, and support found at their website. Forums are always buzzing, and support staff are quick and friendly. There is also a live chat.
    • Universal Platform – Works on anything that can use the internet. There are also clients for all of the most popular mobile platforms.
    • Automation – Almost everything you need to do with a newsreader is automatic. Download, repair, unpacking, and there is also a scheduler.
    • Secured – Supports SSL encryption.
    • Configuration – Configuring this newsreader can be a little tricky, for the uninitiated. But their website has easily understood tutorials and walkthroughs on configuring the client. There is also an extensive forum that many of the more experienced users frequent. They will happily answer any question that is posed to them.
    • NZB Handling – SabBNzbd integrates with virtually all NZB search indexes using the Newsnab platform. (Virtually all the searches.) Importing and using NZB files that you have download is easily accomplished.

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SABnzbd In The News

The last year for them started out with the announcement of their new version, (0.6.14,) and the last years evolution has them at v. 0.7.11 Final, and with the announcement of their bug fixes released in early Feb., (We know, that’s 13, or 14 months, but they have worked hard.) they have certainly earned a vacation.

The Entire Community Can Take A Bow

Not only the developers and support staff…but, the entire community, of users. Because everyone that has used it has participated in the evolution of this Newsreader. The “learning curve” is not a high hurdle, but is made more like a gentle slope by the tutorials, walkthroughs, forums, and live help. Congratulations folks, you can all take a bow.

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