2013 Top Usenet Search Index Service

2013-Top-Usenet-Search-Index-ServiceSeveral of the more relevant statistics in this category include: search engine speed, features, size of library, number of groups covered, and retention. But this year we also took a close look at search relevancy and allowed that to weigh in heavily. And, (mainly because of the additional criteria,) this year 2 services tied to take this position. Binsearch and Newnzb ran neck in neck on search speed, and features, but where Newnzb lacked in retention and library, it far exceeded the ability of Bilsearch to return results that were relevant, unlocked, and unbroken downloads. All of our Voting Staff agreed that if bandwidth is an issue, the more relevant searches weighed in their decision of which service to use.

A Little Info On The Winners

  • Binsearch – Inarguably one of the largest libraries available. But many of the results returned from Binsearch will be passworded, broken, or just not the right file. Retention is at 1,100 days, and hundreds of thousands of newsgroups are indexed, but the Voting Staffers suggest using a provider and newsreader tat supports previewing to avoid the possibility of downloading something that you don’t want or need.

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  •  NewNZB – While this search is relatively new, the files listed are never broken, locked, or otherwise unusable. Their use of AI technology to eliminate undesirable files from the database is a fresh approach, and so far, quite effective. Presently, (although there are promises of increases as the site gains users, and they are always adding new files,) retention is at 170 days, and have a little under 10,000 files indexed under the categories of: TV, Movies, and Prime Time, but every Nzb created so far by our staff, has resulted in a 100% perfect download. No locks, breaks, no real use of PAR2s, either.

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Congratulations Guys, Take A Bow

Over-all, Binsearch stands out far more that the rest…but, (perhaps because of the newness, perhaps the purity of the library,) Newnzb scored well enough to rival a repeat Top Usenet Search Index Service Award winner. Great job! If Newnzb keeps up at the pace they have set for themselves, they will become a hit with Usenet subscribers fast. Congratulations!

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