3 Year Retention Rates for NewsDemon

newsdemon screenshot mediumAs server space has become larger and cheaper, USENET services have begun to compete with each other more and more based on their retention rates. NewsDemon recently hit 3 years of retention for its binaries, marking a significant milestone for the company. If you’re shopping around for a USENET service, however, retention rates are but one thing that you’ll want to consider.

USENET servers vary in significant ways between one and the next. For instance, some services offer unlimited connections, which make for a smoother download if you’re sharing files. Other services offer limited connections unless you get their highest levels of subscription. Most every USENET provider will offer varying amounts of bandwidth with each tier of their subscription service, so you can be sure that paying a bit more will entitle you to more downloads from the service. There are plenty of ways that you can get the most out of any service but you have to pay attention to how they’re competing for your business.

The retention rates that NewsDemon and some other services boast allows these companies to advertise based on the fact that they have huge amounts of binaries stored in their servers. This makes file sharing over these services very efficient and, of course, attracts quite a few new customers. More importantly for many USENET users, it means that the article that are posted to disappear right away. This ensures that good answers to complex questions are not lost before people have a chance to read them.

Finding a good USENET service requires that you take into account a lot of different variables and the service’s retention rates are only one instance. If you’re interested in long retention times, however, services such as NewsDemon make it apparent that they are certainly available to users of these services.