$80 Annual Plans Offered By Astraweb

After a while the same old internet day after day just loses some of the luster it used to have. One of our most popular featured Usenet providers, Astraweb, is now letting new subscribers get 3 months for $20, or annual plans for $80. You can do your research, and shop around, but finding a comparable deal is going to be almost impossible.

Speed Limited By Your Connection Only

Asstraweb allows unlimited speeds, so if you have a 3 MB p/sec connection, or a 10 MB p/s, you will easily be able to max it out. Many thought when broadband became more widely available to the masses that the old school newsgroup would slowly fade…but instead, Usenet gained in popularity. Possibly because of the speeds, and huge variety of discussions, no boredom here.

For those more inclined to block plans, Astraweb has a few of the better offerings in the community. For example, you can get a 1,000 GB block for just $50 from Astraweb. If you don’t want the recurring bill, or you know that your downloading will be limited and the package will last long enough, it’s a great way to save a little money. Some of their 3 month plans can also bill automatically.

You Can Pay Less To Get A Little Less

When you go to their site to make your purchase, watch carefully as some of their plans do have speed limits…but this is limited to their 3 month bundles. All their block plans are non-expiring and have no speed limits, either. If you enjoy top speeds from you connection, then a plan with unlimited speeds will be for you. Astrawebs servers are lightning fast and can max almost any connection.

Perhaps one of the reasons other Usenet services, along with Astraweb, get even more popular with the advent of broadband is their speeds. Over time offering faster and faster speeds, unlimited packages, and affordably priced accounts. Those that have become disenchanted with the same old internet can get the most from their connection, and because ISP’s that give Usenet access are becoming rarer, Providers like Astraweb have become more competitive…and that’s a cool advantage for those of us who want Usenet newsgroup access.

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