A Remote You Won’t Lose – NBRemote For Your NewsBin Pro

Off and on for the last few weeks we have been playing around with the pre-release of NBRemote on our Apple “i” products, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, but only on occasion. We wanted to wait for the final release, and get the full version, but in the meantime we have been using Splashtop, which is meant for an iOS desktop, so we haven’t had a fully functional remote control for our NewsBin Pro.

But the new fully functional NBRemote for “i” products was finally listed in the apps store. The download will cost you a reasonable $2.99, you can find it under the appropriate name, NBRemote. It worked great on every Apple mobile device we tried it with, iPod, iPad, and our iPhone, and the program does take advantage of all the features of our NewsBin Pro, and mobile devices.

What Is Required Of You

But before you get the app, you need to have a few things in order first, here they are:

  • You will need a completely functional install of NewsBin Pro 6.11 or later.
  • No remotely controlling of the free versions, you’ll need to have the paid version.
  • Usenet access, of course you will need this.
  • The installed client will need to be prepared for remote control.

If you’ve been thinking along the lines of getting a subscription with Newsbin, then there couldn’t be more of an incentive…unless you count the fact that they have reduced the price for a short time to a one time $20 payment. If you are going to jump on this, then you should also check out their NewsBin Internet Search subscription too.

What NewsBin Is All About

NewsBin Pro is one of our best rated newsreader clients, and one of the most popular on the Usenet market. The purchase only requires a one time payment, and every time an update, or new feature is released, you will get it for free. Here’s some more of what you will get for your money:

  • The most recent version of NewsBin Pro, with upgrades for life.
  • Tutorials for everything from installation, to configuration, to troubleshooting.
  • Support in their forums, and the people there are really cool.
  • Client has built in speed limiter, multi-server support, SSL encryption, and many other features we don’t have the space to list.

Do you need any more incentive to head over to their website and look a little closer? Then we have a full review of the client and NewsBins’ service in plain spoken, easy to understand language. If you aren’t sure of exactly what Usenet is, we also have more of this on our website. To learn more about NewsBin Pro, check them out in our

NewsBin Pro Review