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access usenet Review
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This provider is actually called alt.binaries. Access Usenet was a name before. They represent a good choice not our top recommendation but good nonetheless.

Deal / Special Offer / Discounted pricing

Access Usenet doesn’t have any special offers/deals, or any discounted pricing. If you are looking for a cheaper Usenet service, please refer to our Best Usenet Providers list.

Free Trial

Access Usenet is not offering any free trial.

Plan / Price Offerings

Clients can take advantage of any of these three packages:

  • maximum, which offers 80 GB and has the SSL encryption, 20 streams and unlimited picture interface, has the pricing of $12.95 per month
  • standard, whic differs from the maximum only when talking about gigabytes and price; it offers 40 GB and has the pricing of $8.95 per month
  • the basic package offers 10 GB and costs $4.25 per month

Connection Speeds / Server Locations

There are no limits on download speeds. The only limitation is your Internet connection. With usenet servers in the United States and in Amsterdam, most users can max out their connection. It is recommend using 5-8 streams for optimal performance for most users, but up to 20 streams are allowed. With a normal route, 5-7 streams will fill up most broadband connections.

Technical Notes

The Alt newsgroups were created as a ‘catch-all’ for newsgroups that didn’t really fit anywhere else. Over time, the groups listed under ‘Alt’ began outnumbering the traditional newsgroups, and the ‘Alt’ heading itself became more classified.

Although there are many, many, other classifications under the ‘Alt’ heading, Alt Binaries is by far the most commonly used primary classification, as it comprises 99% of all multimedia (non-text) content posted to Usenet. Alt Binaries contains everything from pictures, programs, audio and video, to multi-gigabyte multimedia archives.

Quality of Service

We have not tried the service, but according to reviews, Access Usenet have greater than 99.9% newsgroup completion. They provide direct, uncensored newsgroup access. They also provide News Rover to their usenet clients for free. News Rover is normally $29.95,but any newsgroup client can be used.

Customer Service

Email support is always available to answer any questions or concerns regarding usenet.

Access Usenet Service Recommendation

Not a bad choice but still we are recommending to always check out our page for the Best Usenet Providers.