Agent Premium News Review

agent premium news Review
PricingUnlimited - $14.75/mo
 70 GB/mo. - $9.95/mo
 25 GB/mo. - $5.95/mo
Retention Days
Free Trial?First Month Free
Quality98% Completion
Newsgroups #10,000 Newsgroups
Connections #2 Connections
PrivacySSL Available
Monthly Plans
Metered PlansYes
Block PlansNo
ServersUSA & Europe
Support Infoonline support form - APN FAQ
Support Email
While they were known for their former top of the line Usenet newsreader, we can't recommend their service because there are better deals out there.

Deal / Special Offer / Discounted pricing

Agent premium news does not offer any special pricing or discounted pricing. If you are looking for a cheaper Usenet option refer to our best usenet providers list.

APN Free Trial

With Agent premium news , you do have the ability to have a free one month trial of their service when you subscribe to the 12 GB package.

APN Plan / Price Offerings

There are 4 pricing plans which are set according the monthly traffic:

  • unlimited – $14.75 per month
  • 75 GB/mo. – $9.95 per month
  • 25 GB/mo. – $5.95 per month
  • 12 GB/mo. – $2.95 per month

Another option is to register Forte agent 6.0 news reader and you get the subscription of the 12 GB package for the period of three months.

APN Connection Speeds / Server Locations

We have not tested connection speed but they should  in theory only be limited by your connection to the various servers. They have one server farm located in the USA and the server address is

Technical Notes

APN ( Agent Premium News ) typically comes with the Forte agent newsreader which is rather good piece of software. It offers the support for multiple news servers and e-mail accounts, nested folders. window tabs and finally, it is compatible with the latest version of Windows OS only.

APN Quality of Service

We have not tried the service but according to comments we have heard service appears to be standard.

APN Customer Service

Customer service is ok not great and via email only

Agent Premium News  Usenet Service Recommendation

Although they offer great newsreader , it doesn’t appear that their Usenet service is competitively priced.  Instead we suggest you refer to our list of best Usenet service providers