Android Version Of Newsbin Client To Be Released Soon

If you pay much attention to Facebook fan pages, (and we do, here at,) you may already know that Newsbin has announced that they will be releasing a version of their newsreader client soon for the Android. Now Usenet junkies will be able to download and communicate with their favorite newsgroups from the convenience of their Android mobile devices…after all, they have been begging for it.

Major Feature Highlights

According to the latest notes, the developers have been able to make the downloads list more readable inside the reader, but over all the Android version will have most of the same features that the regular reader has. If you already use the desktop newsreader, you will be comfortable with the Android version. It plays out much like the desktop client, so the learning curve will be almost non-existent.

Android And Desktop – Compared

The only real difference we noted was the fact of the smaller screen on our Androids. Navigation of newsgroups or options works much the same as it does in the desktop client…except you can now download browse newsgroups or post from your mobile. It seems that the developers aimed to keep the mobile client familiar to reduce confusion for the old and new members.

Security Is Supported

The Newsbin developers knew that their people would be wanting security, who doesn’t. So, the client will easily integrate with with almost any VPN you want to use. Now, if you need files, or a specific debian distro, you can get it on the go…securely, anonymously.

Newsbin’s newsreader hs been a favorite of the regular Usenet users for a long time. It has all the necessary features, like handling PAR and RAR files automatically, and easily selecting download locations. But that isn’t the full list of features…the client handles repairs, downloads, NZB’s and many other things. The newsreader is a highly developed complex piece of software, and due to this, their main clientele are experienced Usenet users…although, they have made several statements that a version with settings built in for inexperienced users to the Usenet system or the newsreader.

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