Astraweb Announces Account And Speed Cap Upgrades

The first announcement this year coming out of the Astraweb camp is a pretty big one…they didn’t expand the retention, they have plenty, but they did up the caps on their speed limited accounts from a 5 Mbps allowance to 10 Mbps. This is a large jump, and it isn’t the only thing that hey have announced. Their pricing tiers have changed slightly. Now you will be able to purchase access at a serious discount when purchasing quarterly. This was made available for both their regular access accounts and the DSL accounts. They have also added in a 1,000 Gb block account that never expires, but also has the unlimited speeds that are being afforded to the other block accounts.

Other Specials This Effects

This announcement won’t affect any of the current specials and discount deals that are offering. The $11 monthly discount will still apply on their monthly DSL deal, and the $96 annual fee for this same account will still remain in effect. Massive givings when you compare it to the other deals being offered now by other providers. Here’s a few of the other highlights of getting access from Astraweb:

  • Block and Unlimited accounts are available…if you use Usenet a little or a lot, you can tailor your account to your needs.
  • Outstanding speeds from their servers in Europe and the U.S. Their servers are on top of some of the best backbones available.
  • With unlimited access accounts you can get up to 20 concurrent connections, and with their block accounts they will allow up to 50.
  • 1,281 days of retention. While this announcement has nothing to do with their retention, it is one of the best rates among our top providers.
  • 256 bit SSL is allowed for free to all their accounts. Security and privacy is assured with their service.

Summing It All Up

When you are looking for a new provider, the first things you will notice are the retention, account types, and speed. This upgrade should place them into the top 5 providers that you should look at for your Usenet service. The doubled speeds, and new account payment options should serve to make things a lot easier for many of their customers. And, when you break it down, the 1,000 Gb for $50 comes to a simple 20 cents per GB, and that ‘s a real deal.

If you would like to look at more detail on Usenet access from Astraweb, you can get the full detailed account in our Astraweb Review.

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