Astraweb Review

astraweb Review
Pricing$11 Monthly Paid Monthly
 $8 Month Paid Yearly
 $25 100 GB Block
Retention3563 Days
Free Trial?24 Hour Money Back
Quality99%+ Completion
Newsgroups #90,000 Newsgroups
Connections #20 Connections
PrivacySSL & No Server Logs
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansYes
Block PlansYes
ServersUSA, Netherlands & Hong Kong
PaymentCredit Cards & Paypal
Support Info

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With Excellent Pricing, High Retention Rates and a great reputation Astraweb represents an excellent choice for a Usenet provider.

Click Here for $8 Month Discount ($96 Year)

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Astraweb Deal / Astraweb Coupon / Special Offer

Not normally available nor easily found on their website – you can use our signup discount links above to save money. You are safe choosing the yearly plan(Astraweb’s $96 yearly special offer) as Astraweb has an excellent reputation. However if you prefer paying monthly then the $11 /month plan is recommended.

Astraweb Trial / Astraweb Free Trial Offer

While not actively publicized Astraweb does indeed have a short 24 hour return/refund policy. This is enough time to test the service to see if it works well. We tested the refund policy and had no issues.

Astraweb Plan and Price Offerings

Astraweb offers 3 plan types: unlimited, rate limited and block plans. I typically recommend paying the $11 (or $8 yearly discount)  a month for the unlimited plan.

Astraweb Block Plans

Block plans do not expire so having a chunk of bandwidth that you can make use as needed is not a bad idea. You could use this block account as a Usenet backup in case other Usenet providers are missing parts.

Astraweb Connection Speeds And Server Locations

Astraweb has servers located in Silicon Valley, California and servers in the Netherlands. Download speeds are typically limited by your own connection to the Internet as Astraweb connects to multiple Internet backbones. Ultimately the best way to do a speed test is to take advantage of the Astraweb free trial.
In our test we were able to max out the 12 Mb connection giving about an average throughput of 1.5 MB/s. At no time in our testing did we find Astraweb to be slow.

Astraweb Vs Giganews  Vs UsenetServer Comparison Chart

Retention2030111221580 Days3564 Days3563 Days3564 Days3564 Days

Astraweb Technical Details:

Astraweb is a company based out of Singapore and is a Tier 1 provider meaning that they run their own servers. In most cases, it’s best that you choose to go with a Tier 1 provider unless you get Usenet for free from your ISP.

Being based out of Singapore means they are controlled under Singapore law which could mean more privacy and anonymity for you if your physical location is outside of Singapore.

Astraweb Customer Service:

Astraweb’s customer service appears to be good, we subscribed for the free trial and then unsubscribed 12 hours later with no issues and the response was prompt. No live chat but nonetheless the response was quick and professional.

Astraweb Quality And Message Completion:

After a year of downloading, almost no issues with completion, incomplete messages were noted 99%+ message availability appears to be more than accurate.

Astraweb Service Conclusion:

In summary, we highly recommend Astraweb for their solid service, high retention and excellent price. Definitely take advantage of their $11 a month / special if you are considering their service and remember you do have a 24 hour free trial just in case you aren’t happy.

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