Atlantis News Review

atlantis news Review
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They seem to promise everything on their website which makes us feel wary. Choose carefully It seems like nothing unusual, the official Atlantis News website informs you that they are the largest private and uncensored newsgroup provider on the usenet. Binaries, pictures, movies, musicÂ… everything is there. While reading the other information on their website and considering the website design, it is very easy to notice that the last time this website was updated was probably more than five years ago. Further, while still examining the information available, you may easily become uncertain whether they are really still in the business.

Atlantis News Deal / Special Offer / Discounted pricing

Atlantis News has no special offers.

Atlantis News Free Trial

Atlantis News does not offer any free trial.

Atlantis News Plan / Price Offerings

There are eight packages available from Atlantis News, starting from $3.95 for the 3-day trial. The packages differ in gigabytes per month or megabytes per day. Although the most expensive “Premium Supreme Ultimate” package offers no limit for the daily download, you cannot exceed 210 GB in one month. The prices for the packages are $9.95, $14.95, $19.95, $29.95 and $49.95 for the 8, 24, 45, 90, 210 GB per month respectively.

Atlantis News Connection Speeds / Server Locations

Atlantis News’ connection speeds are plan based.  Their server locations are within the United States.

Atlantis News Technical Notes

The address of the server for Atlantis News is and there is also an option to connect directly through the following IP address: 66.250. 146. 163. The ports available are standard 119, but the 23, 25 and 80 are available as well. They recommend no more than 4 simultaneous connections to the server, although the user may have up to 8. Also, there are 50,000 groups available.

Atlantis News Quality of Service

Although we have not had the chance to test the service, the information that the retention time (for binary groups) off more than 21 days is the best available does not sound very serious.

The download speed of 500k/second was maybe rather good five years ago, but today, certainly is not.

Atlantis News Customer Service

The customer support of Atlantis News claims to be the best, offering 24 hours a day availability, but only through email.

Atlantis News Conclusion

While Atlantis New is probably a legitimate business,  they haven’t updated their webpage in forever and their pricing is not competitive.  Our recommendation is to look elsewhere – choose one of our Best Usenet Providers.