Chrome Users Can Have 1 Button Access To SABnzbd

The fame of Google’s Chrome browser has grown since it’s release. The speed, reliability, and security has Usenet users convinced, too. At lesat the ones using web portals to access their favorite Usenet providers indexes. But many have complained that the process of selecting and downloading the posts they want is complicated and confusing. Well, there were a few developers looking out for those of us who don’t have as much savvy with these kind of things.

SABConnect++ is a Chrome add-on that will make your Usenet experience much more user friendly. This add-on is similar to SABDrop in the act that it will send your downloads directly to your SABnzbd client, but the developers added more than just a couple of extra functions to this add-on. For those that don’t know, here are the best features of the SABDrop add-on:

  • Places a Send To SABnzbd in the context menu.
  • API Keys, and User Name/Passwords is supported.
  • Links sent to SABnzbd can be categorized.
  • Scans pages automatically for NZB downloads.

Now, wht SABConnect++ will do is all of the above, and this:

  • Allows connection profiles.
  • Popup window that will let you control your speed as well as see it. A lot of other details are in the popup window also.
  • Individual or all downloads can be paused or resumed.
  • Delete downloads from queue individually.
  • Desktop notification of completed downloads.
  • A button added for single click downloading from:,,,,,,,, and

We haven’t had a whole lot of time to check this add-on out much, but what we have done with it has been problem free and a pleasure. Looking at the comments made on their site, there hasn’t been many complaining about any function-ability issues, mainly just feature requests and configuration problems. This is an add-on you really should check into if you use Usenet web portals often, the added simplicity of single button downloading is well worth the nothing that the add-on costs. If you would like to learn more about Usenet access and what it’s all about, check out our list of providers and tutorials on

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