Cyphr Review

cyphrCyphr allows you to send encrypted messages using proven security technology. It’s available for the Android operating system right now, and you can get it off of the Google Play store. This app might be a great option for people who want a simple, easy to use and very secure messenger for personal or business use.

How it Works

Cyphr looks like most any messaging app. The interface is simple. It gives you options as to what permissions it has when you install it, so you’re allowed to customize the security settings from the start. Once you’re using it, you can customize information sharing options with other users, keeping your privacy as locked down as you need.

The app uses public and private key pairs for encryption, asymmetric keys and it sends information over SSL/TLS, so you’re security is very well protected in terms of people not being able to read your messages.

When the messages are sent, they go through a server in Switzerland, which offers great privacy protection compared to the US. Golden Frog, the company behind the app, has been in the security business for a long time, so it’s not surprising that they’d get a server in privacy friendly country to give the service even more appeal.

Golden Frog also operates the very popular VyprVPN service, so they’re no strangers to managing security services. The app is solid, even if it is still in beta, and they’re trying to make it better.

What’s Coming

Golden Frog is still actively developing this app, and they’re seeking user input, so be sure to say something if you have an idea. The company is planning to make a Windows desktop version very soon, which will be a significant flexibility improvement. It’s also planning on offering users the ability to rotate their encryption keys and is going to add more capacity for sending attachments.

Cyphr is good, but it’s still new and might take a bit of time to mature. Even at the moment, however, it’s very good. The basics are all there, the security is solid and the name behind it is certainly trustworthy. The improvements the company is planning on adding promise a lot more out of the app in the near future, and it will be interesting to see which direction it takes as more people pick it up. Thus far, it has received very good reviews from Android users.

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