Dump Truck For All – The Latest Giganews Offering

When Giganews and Golden Frog partnered up we weren’t sure what to expect. They promised a lot of things that seemed, (at the time,) a little far reaching. But in the last year and a half the guys have delivered everything promised…and more. They gave us the Mimo newsreader, VyprVPN, and integrated a search engine into the Mimo newsreader. All the while keeping up with their improvements schedule, adding new tools.

A Major Announcement

To end the year on a good note, (as if that needed to happen,) they announced a day or two ago that they were taking their latest service, Dump Truck, completely live and are going to give access to ALL of their account holders. Diamond members will have access to 30 GB of secured storage, and everyone else will get 5 GB. Here’s all the best details of Dump Truck online storage:

  • Drag and Drop interface for your uploading convenience.
  • File structuring is easy to understand and interface is highly intuitive.
  • 256 bit SSL encryption for uploading and downloading.
  • Storage is also encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption.
  • WebDAV support. This means access from anywhere using internet browsers and apps.
  • The ability to access your files from anywhere on any computer.

After looking at the Dump Truck you may find a few minor features absent, and so did the developers. But, they wanted to get this offering to their customers as fast as possible. So they wrapped the Dump Truck package up with a promise to add a few features. Here’s the features they presently have in the works:

  • Mobile access from iPods, iPads, and even Android devices.
  • More desktop applications. They recently announced a Windows desktop app that allows you to access your Dump Truck storage as if it was another drive on your computer. This will be ported for Mac and Linux  also.
  • Sharing files will be available soon for all your family and friends.
  • Passwords will be available for your sharing activities.

This release came just in time for Christmas, and they didn’t stop there. They are also offering all their new customers $10 off of their price for their first three months access to Giganews. If you’ve been thinking about getting access from Giganews, but wasn’t sure, now is one of the best times to get it. If you would like to know more about Giganews, you can finds out more in our

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