Dump Truck Storage Review

Dump Truck Online Storage – What It Is

Originally, Golden Frog offered Dump Truck Online Storage through Giganews as an extended feature of the service. Over the months the service has grown and matured into a nice online storage and backup solution. Presently, 5 GB of Dump Truck storage is part of the package with both Giganews and VyprVPN, and can now be purchased as a standalone, though Giganews gives their Diamond members up to 30 gigs.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Plans And Prices


If you already have either the VyprVPN or are a Giganews member, you already have at least 5 GB of the Dump Truck storage available to you. But if more is needed, here’s what you will have to pay:

  • Freebies – Any VyprVPN or Giganews member gets 5 GB, excepting the Diamond Giganews members…they get 30 gigs free.
  • 50 GB Extra – $9.99 p/mo.
  • 100 GB Extra – $19.99 p/mo.
  • 500 GB – $69.99 p/mo.
  • 1 TB – 99.99 p/mo.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Free Trial Basis

With the Giganews diamond account, a person gets up to 30 GB for free. All other Giganews and VyprVPN  members will receive a 5 GB allowance. If you don’t have either Giganews or VyprVPN, you can get 5 free gigs just for registering.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Client Features

Golden Frog has burned hemidnightoil developing features and functions to incorporate into the client. To start with, they worked on the client, now it will work with almost any device, or operating system . Here’s a few more features that caught our eye:

  • Interface is highly intuitive.
  • Drag-And-Drop – fully integrated and supported.
  • WebDAV – Allows versioning, and will operate the same as a networked folder.
  • Syncing – They didn’t have it at first, but now syncing multiple devices is possible.
  • Security – SSL is available for up, and down, loads.
  • More Security – All files uploaded to the service will be stored in encrypted form.
  • Almost every OS is supported, mobile or tied down.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Installation

Our download for the software, (30 MBs,) went off without a hitch. Installation was just as easy as the download, but you will have to set up an account immediately after installation, but this is also easy. An uninstaller comes with the initial download. Here are a few more of the key features you will find:

  • Sharing – Create your own links to share your files with your friends.
  • Expiration Dates – You will be able to set expiration dates on shared files.
  • Privacy – SSL is available for uploading and downloading. Once the files are on the server they will be encrypted using 265 bit AES encryption.
  • Mobility – Client will work on most every OS, mobile device, or laptop.
  • WebDAV – Makes it possible to access your files form anywhere in the world, and in order to keep the bandwidth to a minimum, versioning is available.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Overview Of Uploading

Once you have downloaded and installed the client, you will need to set up your account and log in. There are several ways to upload your files. You can use the upload button from the control panel, or drag and drop the files on to the interface. The upload button has 2 options, “Upload Files” and “Upload Folders.” But, if you wish to upload a folder, java must be enabled in your browser.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Overview Of File Retrieval

To retrieve your files and folders, check the box next to the folder or file name, then click on the copy button at the top of the page. The download box will automatically direct the downloader to the original location of the file…so pay close attention if you want the file in a different place.

Dump Truck Online Storage – File Sharing

Sharing is possible through the use of special links that you create. Once the link is created you can email it to anyone you wish. When creating links there are also options to create passwords for the link, and set an expiration date for the link.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Privacy And Data Protection

The Golden Frog developers provided SSL for secure uploading and downloading, and never deduplicates. Deduplication is where the server looks for duplicate files on the server, and if there are other copies, it’s will share the document. Often this is done to conserve space on the server and while it’s an efficient method, the developers consider it less secure. Your Dump Truck files are stored on the server using 256 bit AES encryption.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Support

Email, support ticket, forum, FAQ, or live chat, the choice is yours. There are tutorials and videos to answer almost any question you could possibly conceive.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Against The Other Guys

There are a few cheaper online storage services, but paying less means you get less. Compared to others in the same price range, Dump Truck stands tall and has comparable features. If the WebDAV is tallied in, then Dump Truck is among the top leaders in the industry.

Dump Truck Online Storage – Final Thoughts

If you’re a Giganews member, or have VyprVPN, you can access the Dump Truck storage by logging in to your account and starting the client. If you don’t have these, the first 5 GBs are free, and all you have to do is sign up. We recommend that anyone looking for online storage and backup solutions give Dump Truck a test drive.