Dumptruck Allowing Early Access To Online Storage

The development teams over at Giganews and Golden Frog realized that a lot of people were starting to want, and need, affordable, secured online storage. So they got together and developed their latest Offering, Dumptruck. First they told us about it, to see if it would create a “buzz.” And now that it has, they have decided to allow early access to the online storage facility.

Ease Of Use

When it was first talked about we realized we needed to watch for the roll out of this. With the Giganews experience in internet and network tech, and Golden Frogs’ browser and security experience, we knew this would probably be a first class service. Here are some feature highlights:

  • 256 bit SSL file transfers and 256 bit AES encryption for storeage.
  • File transfer sizes aren’t limited.
  • Simple to use file structure, and drag and drop capable.
  • Transfer speeds aren’t limited or “choked.”
  • Multiple copies of your files will be stored on separate servers.

Between Giganews and Golden Frog they have amassed their own servers and drives for this venture, so there aren’t any third parties involved in keeping your data safe. Along with the announcement of this early offering, they announced som upcoming features they will add to this service. They will be adding in mobile support, development for a desktop client that will access your stored files as if they were another HDD, improved sharing of files, password protection, and a few other feature they have on their respective burners.

If you would like to know more about the Dumptruck online storage, Giganews, or Golden Frog, check them out on our review here:

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