Easynews Upps Retention Rates again Now We Get 1,275 Days To Search

On Wednesday of last week, Easynews made a major announcement of an additional 75 days of retention for their NNTP users. That’s an additional two and a half months to be able to search for those hard to find articles. There is no additional charge for this extra retention, just the usual $10 monthly charge for unlimited, uncensored, and unrestricted access to the Easynews servers. They even offer a free 14 day/10 GB trial, so you can get your feet wet with them.

Easynews In The Spotlight

Easynews got their name simply because they are the Easiest to use Usenet service available. Many potential Usenet contributors to Usenet are intimidated by the complexity of using Usenet with some of the providers. With Easynews this complication is eliminated. Using a regular internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome, beginners can have access to 200+ days of retention. Here are some more of the highlights of their service:

  • One of the highest retention rates among all Usenet providers at 1,275 days NNTP retention. and 200+ days of web interface access.
  • Web based GUI offers a lot for the beginning Usenet searchers. After a little familiarity with the system, a newbie can move to NNTP and newsreaders.
  • 256 bit SSL comes free. You will be hidden and secured from those prying eyes if you wish it.
  • 14 day/10 GB free trial basis. Even better for the beginners, just to see how easy things really are once you get used to using the system.

Web GUI: A Beginners Dream

We can’t say enough about this feature. It puts Usenet on a level that any average internet user can understand and use. Presently they offer around 200 days of retention search, but upgrades come often and we can hope that this number is improved in the future. But in the meantime, they are the only Usenet provider that has this feature. For a more in depth look at Easynews you can check out our Easynews Review.

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