Eminent EM7280 Media Player: Offers Usenet, Torrent, And Hi-Def

The Dutch media player specialist, Eminent announced the impending release of their latest player, the EM7280. And, although they didn’t offer the price or date of release, they have said that soon we will be able to get this small black box and all the little surprises that are contained inside it.

HdMEDIA RT3: Inside The EM7280

The idea behind the uit is connection to a high def display. It has a HDMI port driven by a Realtek RT1185 chipset. This will allow you to get the best picture from virtually any video, audio, etc., format. The EM7280 has an USB 3.0 port, LAN, (via wired gigabit,) a USB host port for an external disk, and a memory card reader. Unless a new technology is developed that makes it big, this has everything that an enthusiast could want.

Details You Really Need

  • Plays virtually every media format in existence… MKV, VC-1, AVCHD H/X.264
  • Blu-Ray and .iso are both supported
  • Optical and Coax outputs, (and the HDMI!)
  • TrueHD & DTS-HD pass through, support provided via the HDMI output
  • PC to Player connection available using the USB 3.0 port
  • Usenet, (NZBget,) and BitTorrent, (Transmission,)
  • 2 USB ports, (host,) card reader, HDD external option
  • LAN built in, gigabit

Software, Operability, Etc…

On the software end, this unit is really a little light…but the stuff there is pretty good. They have the Usenet client, NZBget, and the Torrent, Transmission BitTorrent. Music, pics, movies, every file format available will be easily opened and transferred to your big screen. Streaming is also supported, with YouTube, Metafeeds, and Flickr, being kept in mind. The PC to Player capability using the USB 3.0 transfers files quickly and easily. The Gigabit LAN handles networking needs very well, no buffering needed.

We weren’t surprised that Eminent included a Usenet client in their latest offering. In fact it could have been predicted back when torrents came into focus in a bad light. But for the Torrent fiend, there is a client for you, too. With all the great features and native software they are offering, we will definitely keep our eyes out for the release of this one, and as soon as we know, you will know also.