Fidogig Review

fidogig Review
Retention1100 Days
Support Infoe-mail
Quick Summary Review
Large Number of NZB's.
Super Easy to Use.
No Registration Required.

Fidogig is a pretty new search index on the scene, but they are making quite the showing on the field. They boast an 1,100 day search combined with more than 3,000 newsgroups to provide their users the absolutely largest index to search possible. The site is extremely easy to use, and well laid out, with filters available right up front, and the options plain spoken.

They offer security through the use of https, There are also the options of searching by size, and date of files. Users are able to create a personalized page with custom groups, personalized searches, and a group monitor, to keep an eye out for specific requests.

Features And Highlights Of Fidogig

  • 1,100 days of retention search across more than 3,000 newsgroups.
  • Browse according to: newsgroup, most popular nzb’s, subject, category or file type.
  • Filter by: date, newsgroup, NFO file size, maximum retention date, or collections.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Grab button to automatically create an NZB file.
  • Downloads easily integrate into many browsers and readers.
  • Totally free.

Fidogig Summary

We were impressed with this newcomer to the Usenet community. The ease of use, large number of filters and search customizations, huge community, and even larger collection of indexed NZB’s. All of this combined to provide us a highly impressive first look at the site. The cost is absolutely free, and registration isn’t required. For the money you spend on this service, we’re betting most people will be happy. This young provider is coming on strong, but only time will tell if Fidogig can really fetch.