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FreeNZB is a very basic NewsNab website that is fairly new on the scene. The present owner has the site for sale so he can pay more attention to his other duties on his YouTube channel.

FreeNZB Features

In spite of the very basic nature of the site, there are all the categories, subcategories, and other features that come with Newsnab websites. Here are a few of the Highlights of their service:

  • Hundreds of thousands of NZBs across more than 100 newsgroups.
  • Both search and Raw search are fast.
  • Downloading of multiple NZBs
  • Commenting system gives extended info.
  • Detail views, RSS and API supported.
  • Completely free. 

FreeNZB Memberships

As the name implies, everything at FreeNZB is free. You will be required to register, but even the owner admits that a fake email can be used to register with the site. Once you are registered you will be able to browsed, comment, and download any number of NZBs you want.

FreeNZB Public Access NZB Indexes

This is one of the very few totally free NZB sites remaining. And, it may not remain an open registration free site if it sells, so we recommend that you hurry over there to check them out.

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