Giganews Browser Gets New Header Control And Interface

Golden Frog, the team behind Giganews Usenet browser Mimo, recently announced the release of the latest update to the Mimo browser, version 0.2.4 for thier Diamond members. They claimed in their announcement that they had originally intended to make the interface more intuitive and pleasant, and so they have. Their changelog showed quite a few improvements to the browser other than the usual bug fixes. Here are a few of the choice ones we noticed.

Some Of The More Noticeable Improvements

  • A new header bar that allows for a display date ranges across the entire Giganews retention.
  • The total available newsgroups header is displayed.
  • Article ID’s are displayed with the date ranges.
  • Time to completion and percentage downloaded displayed in the headers.
  • Cross-posted articles display better now.

Even More Improvements

The fun didn’t stop there as they also improved the organization of the images it displays. The expected search was there and threaded messaging is supported still. RAR and PAR filescan be fixed by the client as well as automatic unpack. There were a lot of other boring technical details I could go into, but I won’t bog you down a bunch of unnecessary details. Suffice to say, they have improved the browsing experience immensely. New versions of the browser can be downloaded from the Giganews website now.

For those who aren’t in the clique yet, Giganews is one of our top Usenet providers, and the Mimo client is their newsgroup reader. They have retention rates beat by no one else,and rates that keep the competition looking for ways to improve their services to attract more customers. You can get the full run-down on them by reading our

Giganews Review.