Giganews Review

giganews Review
Pricing$30 Month Paid Monthly
Retention2030111221580 Days
Free Trial?14 Days / 10 GBs Free Trial
Quality99%+ Completion
Newsgroups #120,000 Newsgroups
Connections #50 Connections
PrivacySSL & No Server Logs
Monthly PlansYes
Metered PlansNo
Block PlansNo
ServersUSA, Netherlands & Hong Kong
PaymentVisa, Mastercard and Paypal
Support Info24 x 7 Email

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Giganews offers the best in Usenet quality both for high speeds downloads and for message quality. You'll pay a bit more for top notch service but we can also save you a bit with our exclusive discount links.

Click Here for $30 Month Special Price

Giganews is one of the best providers out there, possibly the best. They have great completion rates—over 99%–flexibility in the packages that they offer and plenty of other features that make them a good choice for serious USENET users. This is a US provider that has been in business for nearly 2 decades.

Deals / Coupons / Special Offers

We’re able to offer you an exclusive deal in this regard. We can offer a $5 per month discount for the lifetime of your account by signing up here. You can use either of the links below to sign up. See the details below for the differences between the plans featured.

There is a special deal that offers 50% off on the Diamond Plan for your first 3 months of service, as well.

Free Trial Offer Details

Giganews offers a 14 day / 10 GB free trial for their USENET service. Be aware that you will get billed if you exceed this limit, so be sure to check your download figures if you’re not sure. This is a fast service; it doesn’t take long to reach 10 GB of downloads.

Plan Pricing Details

Giganews allows you to choose between metered and unlimited plans. We recommend the unlimited plans, simply because they offer more value for the money. Giganews is a corporate partner of Golden Frog and some Golden Frog products come with the higher-end Giganews packages. Here are the breakdowns for the plans.

Platinum Plan:

  • $19.99/month
  • 20 Connections
  • Unlimited USENET downloads
  • Dumptruck Encrypted Storage: 5 GB
  • VPN: VyprVPN
    • PPTP only
    • 1 connection
  • VPN apps:
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Mimo Newsreader included

Diamond Plan (a deluxe package)

  • $29.99/month
  • 50 Connections
  • Unlimited USENET downloads
  • Dumptruck Encrypted Storage: 30 GB
  • VPN: VyprVPN PRO
    • PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP
    • NAT Firewall
    • 2 Connections
  • VPN Apps:
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Mimo Newsreader included

*Both plans listed above come with 1935 days of retention.

If you want to go limited, there are three options available to you. All of these plans come with the Mimo Newsreader.

  • Pearl: $4.99/month for 5 GB of downloads. Thirty days of retention.
  • Bronze: $10/month for 10 GB of downloads and 1935 days of retention.
  • Silver: $15/month for 50 GB of downloads and 1935 days of retention

Block Plan Details

This provider does not offer block access.

Connection Speeds And Server Location Details

Giganews has servers in Asia, Europe and North America. They have four server locations in total. This provider, between their fast network and server options, is really only limited in speed by your ISP. You’ll max out your connection, in all likelihood.

Speed Test Details

Giganews is consistently fast. It routinely maxes out connections and, with the Diamond plan, you get 50 connections, so there’s likely to be no way that you’ll find speed lacking at all with this provider.

Giganews Vs Astraweb Vs UsenetServer Comparison Chart

Retention2030111221580 Days3535 Days3534 Days3535 Days3535 Days

Technical Details:

Giganews has constantly upped its retention rates over the years. They’ve been in business since 1994, so they have a long history and aren’t likely to be going anywhere. The company is one of the biggest and best out there, but they started out as a family business and have grown since based on the quality of their products.

Customer Service Information:

Giganews can be contacted over email. Their replies are fast and helpful. They also have a live chat feature which is very reliable and that will get you a fast response if you have a problem. This company does answer service requests and they offer good solutions.

Quality And Message Completion:

Completion with this provider is over 99%. This is a non-issue with Giganews and they are consistently reliable in this regard.

Security/Privacy Information

If you’re worried about privacy, Giganews is a good choice. They start out by offering 256-bit encryption on their connections, so you’re protected. If someone wants information about your usage, they’re not going to get it from Giganews without a court order. They are, however, in the US, so they do have to comply with US law. Uploading anything copyrighted on this service is not a good idea, and they don’t accept Bitcoin. That being said, the company has consistently shown a commitment to protecting their customer’s anonymity.

Other Nice Features

The Mimo newsreader is a nice, full-featured newsreader that anyone can figure out how to use. You don’t have to have been using USENET for years to understand it and it’s rather like a web browser in its tabbed interface. Giganews also works with other newsreaders and downloader programs, however.

Usenet Provider Service Conclusion:

Giganews will cost you more than most other providers, but you get value for the money that they spend. They constantly update their retention times and their servers are very, very fast. Of course, you can bring down that price a bit by using our sign-up links.

They also make themselves available when you need support, so you’ve always got a helping hand if you need one. All in all, this is an excellent provider. They’ve been around for a very long time and have proven themselves a good choice in every regard.

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