Giganews Unleashes WebDAV For All OSes And Many Applications

In the last few weeks a lot of Usenet providers have been rolling out new innovations and improvements for their services, and Giganews has been no different. They first announced a couple of weeks ago that they are giving access to the new Dump Truck storage to all of their members. In that announcement they also stated that there is a couple of important add-ons that they were working on, one of them being the WebDAV access to the online storage…they just announced the WebDAV fully functional.

About WebDAV

WebDAV stands for Web based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. It’s a way of using HTTP to transfer and administrate files that are stored on an internet server, like Dump Truck. With Dump Truck the primary features and functions are:

  • Mount the online storage as if it was a local file or networked drive.
  • Internet access via a web browser if available, allows access from anywhere, on any computer.
  • Drag and drop fully supported.
  • OSes supported are: Windows XP and newer, Linux, (all distros,) and Mac OS X.
  • Supports desktop applications like CrossFTP pro, (Windows and Mac,) Cyberduck, (Win and Mac,) and AnyClient
  • Mobile support via Air Sharing for iOS, and WebDAV File Manager for their Android users.
  • More About Dump Truck And Getting It

There are more applications that integrate the WebDAV in Windows, and the service has many other features that we couldn’t include in this article, but getting Dump Truck access is a breeze. You have to sign up for a Giganews account, it comes with their service for free, Diamond accounts get access to 30 GB of access, and all other accounts get 5 GB. But if this won’t cover your needs don’t despair, just get more. Additional storage space is available for a minimal fee, and comes with all the same features.

Giganews And Golden Frog

Giganews partnered with Golden Frog more than 18 months ago and the marriage has been a great thing for all their members. Improvements, features, and updates have come one after another and always improved things for their members. If you would like to find out more about Giganews, Golden Frog, or Dump Truck online storage, you can learn more by visiting our Giganews Review