Glorb Review

glorb Review
Pricing$10/1 year subscription
Retention Days
Free Trial?No
QualityUnknown Completion
Newsgroups #Unknown Newsgroups
Connections #Unknown Connections
Monthly PlansNo
Metered PlansNo
Block PlansNo
Server Add.
Support InfoPhone support: 877-533-4060
Support Email
Glorb is a provider of various Internet services,  they offer only access to the text newsgroups with posting privileges. If you are interested in downloading Binary files then you will want to  check out our list of best Usenet service providers.

Glorb Deals / Special Offer / Discounted Pricing

There are no special deals or discounted pricing offered by Glorb.

Glorb Free Trial

Glorb does not have any free trial for users to test their service before subscribing.

Glorb Plan / Price Offerings

Glorb has only one option that is rather cheap. If you give $10, you’ll get one year of subscription to the text newsgroup access.

Glorb Connection Speeds / Server Locations

Glorb only provides a text-only newsreader account with posting privileges, with only one price plan.

There is no information about server address or available ports on Glorb’s website, but we suppose that there is at least one server farm located in the USA. The SSL encryption is unavailable. There is no information about simultaneous connections as well.

Glorb Technical Notes

With the information on Glorb’s website being limited, they did not mention anything about technical information.

Glorb Quality of Service

We have not tested Glorb’s service, and there is no way to way to know what they can offer, since there’s not much information about their Usenet service on their website.  As with all the crucial information, there is nothing written about retention times and completion. We can only be assured that there are no retention times for the binary groups since this is only text newsgroups usenet provider.

Glorb Customer Service

Glorb has an online form and phone number to call for customer service support.

Glorb Conclusion

For a complete Usenet service, we recommend that you take a look at our Best Usenet Providers’ list.