Happy Holidays, And Merry Christmas – Usenet Holiday Specials

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of ways to say Merry Christmas. We found more than 60 of them in less than 0.65 seconds…according to Google! But, however you say it, it’s the season of giving, and since our providers aren’t going to risk getting shot sliding down a chimney somewhere in Chicago, they have decided to let us tell you about their Holiday specials.

Ho, Ho, Ho, MERRY Christmas!

Well, Santa isn’t delivering this kind of thing this year, but Usenet access for one of your favorite people is as simple as a mouse click away, and the deals are pretty good this year. Here are a few of our favorite providers, and their Holiday deals:

We’ll Start With The Annual Account Deals

  • $96 Will get you 12 months with Astraweb.
  • UseNetServer has a 12 month unlimited access deal for $95.
  • Newshosting costs $155 per year, but for $189 you also get the Easynews Browser.
  • Newsguy will give you 12 months unlimited for only $190.
  • NewsgroupDirect has a deal, unlimited access and storage for $200 annually.

The 6 month and Quarterly accounts:

  • Newshosting will give you 6 months unlimited access for $83.
  • UseNetNow has unlimited access for 3 months for a low $30.
  • Ngroups will also allow you 3 months of unlimited access, but also adds storage, all for $30.

Monthly Deals Are Under The Tree Also

  • UseNetServer has unlimited accounts with their search for only $10 per month.
  • NewsDemon has a deal, unlimited access, the newsreader, and storagefor a low $9.99 p/mo.
  • Thundernews will allow unlimited access and give you their newsreader for a low $10.49
  • Supernews has unlimited access for only $9.99 p/mo.
  • Astraweb will give you an unlimited access account for just $11 p/mo.
  • Newshosting unlimited access will only cost you $12.95 p/mo, but you can add in the Easynews newsreader for a simple $15,95 p/mo.
  • Ngroups will let you have unlimited access and their storage for $9.99 p/mo.

That’s not all of the Holiday deals out there by any means, but these are the ones that were shinier than the others…shiny, sparkly things always catches our eye at this time of year. Here at usenetreviews.org we would like to wish you a very happy holiday season, however you may say it.

If you would like to learn more about Usenet, or one of the providers we listed above, we have tutorials, reviews of the providers, and more than just one stocking full of information about them at Usenetreviews.org