Hardware Problems Lead To NZB Matrix Server Upgrade

For the last few months we have been experiencing slow response, lagging, and weaker than usual performance when visiting the NZB Matrix website. At first we thought is could be us, but then we remembered some of their development team lamenting the single core servers were more than 6 years old, and needed replaced. They finally went for it, and got those brand new servers, and they announced recently that they are once again, up-n-running just like the old times.

Some Of The Best Parts Of NZB Matrix

One of our most popular search indexes, the site is full featured, and has both free access and subscription access that will allow you more features.

  • Search through up to 1,200 days of retention with a paid subscription.
  • 300,000 plus NZB’s for you to browse.
  • Support through their forums, FAQ, and e-mail.
  • Browse according to the newsgroup, post age, tag, category, language, and many other filters.
  • Search by the same filters as above.
  • RSS/Atom support, and a release watcher.
  • Free access will allow you 20 days of retention search, and 10 NZB’s per day.

Subscription accounts are only a one time donation of $10. This will allow the full retention of 1,200 days and unlimited NZB’s per day.

Our Impression On The New Server

After having the few issues that we encountered before, we were happy to find out that it was a problem so easily and quickly fixed. We went and spent a little time on the site during one of the peak periods, and found no lagging, or slow responses. We checked statuses several times during our visit, at nzbmatrix.info, and we found everything to be online and ready every time we looked.

According to the site admin, there are just a few small details that they need to catch up, but once these things are caught up and the entire system is in place and satisfactorily running they can get back to the site updates…now they have us wondering what the next site update is going to be.

Naturally, you will need Usenet access and a newsreader to access the files and group discussions we are talking about here. You can find out more about Usenet access on Usenet Reviews, or if you would like more information on NZB Matrix, you can check them out in our NZB Matriz Review.