Like Alt.Binz? Now There’s A Free Version

If you’ve been debating lately about the Alt.binz newsreader client, and haven’t jumped on the train yet, then there’s an all new incentive to get aboard…a version that is completely free. The free client has almost all of the same features of the paid client, but it does have a few limitations. Now, we know there are “free” downloads floating around of the client that has been hacked, but with these the user should be wary.

About The Free Version

In the free version, they have kept all the best features that everyone loves. It will still handle PAR’s automatically, and unpause missing blocks, and they even left the automatic repairing function. Automatic unpacking is also supported in the free Alt.binz version, convenience and speed…who wouldn’t like it, a single client to handle everything.

Browsing newsgroups is easily accomplished, too. And access to newsgroups can be easily managed and maintained. The limitations we found most apparent in the free version was search engine integration, and skins weren’t available. Mainly developed to entice new users to convert to the full paid version, they do give you enough to get you to wanting more.

About The Hacked Versions

According to the developers, there is a hacked version floating around, and they are warning against it for reasons of your security, not their money. Apparently the hacked clients have trojans attached that will ship your passwords, and lots of other stored data to an attacker. So, only get the free version from their website, and check it with an antivirus.

Newsreader Options And Features

In the Usenet community you can find a lot of newsreaders, some free, and others not so free. Features and file handling being the main difference among them, and, Alt.binz has maintained a high degree of popularity for quite some time now. With more than a million downloads, and lots of the most popular features, it’s no wonder either. Other readers include Mimo, or Newsbin, both of which have a lot of strengths that Alt.binz competes with quite successfully. If you’re considering a newsreader, then you should check out the Alt.binz newsreader free version. It has enough features and functionality to let you get a good feel for the client and make an informed decision.

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