NBRemote: A Remote Control For The New Newsbin Client

The release of a new client to the Usenet world often instigates the release of apps, add-ons, improvements, and upgrades for the next several months, but this time the developers over at Newsbin have coordinated the release of their new client, Newsbin 6.11 RC1 beta, with a couple of developers’ release of an application to remotely control it, aptly named NBRemote.

The original idea and base for the application was produced by Quade, one of Newsbin’s developers, but the project has been carried on by jonnybergdahl and nbdexter, who added in some function-ability and cleaned a few things up. The whole thing was programmed in C#, but the guys are looking for a few more programmers that are versed in C# and Dotnet programming to help them carry on their work. Presently there is an IOS version that is being developed that we can’t wait to get our hands on, but that has yet to be released.

If you would like to look into helping develop the NBRemote app, or any other Newsbin related applications, then contact them through their help desk, here. The Source Forge page for downloading, contact, bug reports, etc. is here. The sooner they get the programmers they need the faster we will get to see that IOS application.

As we said before, this app was released in conjunction with the release of Newsbin’s release of their latest version of their client, 6.11 RC1 (We’re wondering if the “RC” stands for “Remote Controlled.”) If you don’t know, Newsbin has been one of our leading providers for quite some time now, and their dedication and persistence keeps them developing functions, and improving their service far beyond what other providers do. If you would like more information on the Newsbin client or any other Usenet providers or services you can read about them at our website

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