Net Neutrality: Or How Google Is Getting Into Your Pocket

Free Rides? Not unless you have a politician in your pocket.

Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Net Neutrality issue. Net neutrality will force the ISP’s to stop charging on a per-usage basis. If you access the internet 10 hours every month, and consume almost zero bandwidth, or eat up the bandwidth 24/7, the internet bills will be the same. No more block packages, bandwidth watching, etc. But on the downside of this, the companies consuming the most will find that their cost decreases, and the people who use very little, they could pay the same amount, or even more in some cases.

Nobody Rides For Free

But nobody likes supporting more than their far share either. Companies that chew up thousands of GB’s in bandwidth, like Google and Netflix, are supporting this move, but of course, their operating costs will be decreased. But only because of the subsidization received through the casual users that aren’t on the internet much. They won’t be using everything that they have paid for, so it’s okay…isn’t it? We’re sure that they don’t mind donating to the other guy’s ride…maybe not free, but certainly cheaper for them.

How Did All This Happen

How do you like them now?

Acquisitions, political contributions, governmental contacts, social media. Google has dominated the internet for years now. It all started back in 2001 when they bought the Usenet provider Deja News. After they merged the Usenet provider, they allowed only 2 options for newsgroups, Usenet and Google Groups, (GG) and you couldn’t create new groups on the Usenet side, only in GG.Since this fateful acquisition, Google has score 99 more companies, with the latest being approved in September. They acquired Zagat for $125 million for their 100th purchase.

What In The World Are They Doing

Takes a backseat to no person in net neutrality.

In 2008 they really showed their colors with their $1 million donation ot the pro-net neutrality group, These guys then sent more than $100,000 to their Pennsylvania branch to combat Sen. Rick Santorum. An avid anti-net neutrality opponent. And a former CEO is deeply connected to the Obama administration. As a campaign contributor, campaign leader, and was even considered for the position of Commerce Secretary. Later Mr. Eric Schmidt asked the Google team to remove certain campaign contributions from their search engines eyes, other decision makers told him that this just wasn’t acceptable.

The way that net neutrality rules were shoved through the approval process, we have to wonder how many of the lobbyists working for net neutrality are paid by Google, Netflix or some affiliate of theirs. We’re also wondering what the profit margin will look like for these companies now that these rules are in effect…the average users costs just increased dramatically with them.